industry-financed 3 year PhD studentship at U Essex (Text analytics, Deep learning, etc)

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Application deadline: 14 June 2019


We have an industry-financed 3 year PhD studentship (UK/EU and oversees fees included!) at U Essex that aims to address automated text and data analyses using modern machine learning methods, most importantly Deep Learning techniques. We are particularly interested in PhD candidates that like to work on one or multiple of the following topics (please indicate this in your cover letter):

  • Temporal extraction of semi-structured knowledge such as entities and events from text data.
  • Semantic question answering systems using Deep Learning.
  • Knowledge capturing and knowledge graphs building from textual sources.
  • Sentiment analysis and automated classification of tasks from unstructured data.

Human language technology, and text analytics in particular, has been a key area of research for more than 40 years at Essex University. The PhD studentship will greatly benefit from this embedding and the strong interdisciplinary research.

The PhD project aims to investigate the topic to support British Telecom business operating models, focusing on text analysis and data analysis.

Full details to the studentship and link for applying:

For questions regarding the open PhD studentship position, please contact me via email ( or phone +44 120687 2686. Do not sent me your application papers directly via email.

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