01.03.2019@3pm, B4: Seminar & CEID social hour: “Harnessing Big Traffic Data: An Algorithmic Axiomatic Approach”, Zaroliagis Christos, Professor at CEID

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Seminar & CEID social hour

Date-place: Friday 01 Μαρτίου, 3-5pm, Building Β (Room B4)

Speaker: Zaroliagis Christos, Professor at CEID

TitleHarnessing Big Traffic Data: An Algorithmic Axiomatic Approach

Summary: Route planning in road networks requires harnessing huge amounts of traffic data
in order to provide time-dependent travel time estimations that are as close as 
possible to the actual travel time. These data have to be digested by the core 
algorithmic engine behind any route planner that computes shortest paths in networks 
that exhibit a time-dependent metric. Harnessing and digesting traffic data, in order
to compute efficiently optimal time-dependent routes and thus satisfying the real-time 
response requirements of a routing engine, pose new algorithmic challenges.
In this talk, an axiomatic approach is presented which shows that, for directed networks 
that satisfy certain properties, time-dependent distance oracles can be provided that 
exhibit subquadratic preprocessing time and space (independent of the metric's amount of 
disconcavity), and query time sublinear on the network size or on the ``closeness'' 
of the destination to the origin. Applications on real-world settings will also be discussed.

About the speaker: https://www.ceid.upatras.gr/webpages/faculty/zaro/

Photos might be posted on the site and Facebook page.

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