15.03.19 @3pm, B4: Seminar & CEID social hour: “On Startups”, Dr Tryfonas Christos, Chief Architect in Al Silicon Valley Startup at Stealth Mode Startup Company

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Seminar & CEID social hour


Date-place: Friday 15 March, 3-5pm, Building Β (Room B4)

Speaker: Dr Tryfonas Christos, Chief Architect in Al Silicon Valley Startup at Stealth Mode Startup Company 

Title: On Startups


About the speaker:  Dr. Christos Tryfonas is a successful serial entrepreneur and technologist in Silicon Valley. He is currently the Chief Architect of Aisera focusing on technology, engineering and strategy. In his previous project, he was the CTO/Founder of Caspida (01/2014-07/2015 and then with Splunk until 12/2016), a next-gen predictive cyber-security enterprise software company that detects & prevents hidden threats which was recently acquired by Splunk where he served as the Head of Engineering for Splunk Behavioral Analytics. Dr. Tryfonas has also co-founded and served as the CTO of Cetas, an Analytics and Big Data company acquired by VMware where he served as the CTO for Big Data Analytics. He also co-founded and served as chief architect of Kazeon Systems, an eDiscovery and information security company acquired by EMC. Prior to that, he was a Principal MTS at Sprint Advanced Technology Laboratories focusing on network data analysis at large scale. Christos holds several patents (issued and pending) in the areas of cyber-security and machine learning, analytics, large-scale information classification, management, and retrieval, cloud services, distributed systems, congestion control in packet networks, and network transport of multimedia/video traffic. He is published in both the academia and industry. 



Photos might be posted on the site and Facebook page.


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