CEID Seminar: "Algorithms, mechanisms and protocols for rescue systems based on IoT wearable devices", Nikolaos Papachristos, PhD Candidate, CEID

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Title: «Algorithms, mechanisms and protocols for rescue systems based on IoT wearable devices"
Speaker: Nikolaos Papachristos, PhD candidate, CEID
Ημερομηνία-χώρος: Friday, Nov. 5, 5-6 pm, via Zoom (using SSO UPatras)
Abstract In recent years, applications for smart devices have been rapidly gaining acceptance from an increasing number of people. This is due to the fact that we have a large increase in IoT devices and smartphones through which we can control them. The IoT devices and their technology supported by a large set of platforms could offer interesting facilities for various fields such as locating and rescuing people from particularly vulnerable groups or those belonging to population groups with a high probability of being lost. The ever-increasing demands for short-term bandwidth / speed data transfer have led telco providers worldwide to Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) technologies that are truly designed for IoT needs such as LoraWan. The characteristic of the above technology is the low cost and the large range they have in km LoS. In this talk we introduce the LoRa technology and Search And Rescue (SAR) problem. We then continue with a study of the most important existing algorithms for locating the wearable IoT device using simulations. After that we focus on the integration of machine learning in order to improve data transmission and finally we present a real hardware example with IoT device, a web integration with The Things Network and a mobile application able to locate people in need.
About the speaker: Nikolaos Papachristos is a Senior Software Engineer at Intrasoft. He has more than 5 years experience in the development of high-quality applications that are robust and scalable in Enterprise and IoT solutions. In 2016, he graduated from the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering (University of the Aegean). Subsequently, he obtained the Master's degree in "Computer Science and Technology" in Computer Engineering and Informatics Department (University of Patras) in 2018. Presently, he is a PhD candidate in the same department in the area of IoT using LoraWan. 

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