CEID Seminar: "Open Learner Modeling Techniques in a Digital Educational Game and Study of Motivation Mechanisms", Angeliki Leonardou, PhD Candidate, CEID

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Title: Open Learner Modeling Techniques in a Digital Educational Game and Study of Motivation Mechanisms

Speaker: Angeliki Leonardou, PhD candidate, CEID

Time and place: Friday Nov. 5, 2021, 4-5pm. Zoom link: https://upatras-gr.zoom.us/j/94906503454?pwd=K0lnWTE5aTR1WnFTdHlmUzF0d2l... Meeting ID: 949 0650 3454, Passcode: 225120

Abstract: The student-centered learning approach known as Digital
Game-based Learning (DGBL) uses digital games with educational materials
to provoke student interest and to enhance their learning effectiveness.
Within the two main DGBL parameters, i.e. learning (education) and
gaming (fun, entertainment) the Multiplication Game (MG) was developed.
MG is an adaptive digital game for developing and practising
multiplication competences, which addresses primary school pupils and
aims to develop the necessary multiplication skills in a fun and
interactive way, in a safe environment with discreet error management.
Through the Open Learner Model (OLM) and Open Social Learner Model
(OSLM) techniques, metacognitive skills (e.g. self-assessment,
self-organization) are promoted, while the opportunity of comparing
pupil performance is offered. At the same time, it is possible for this
tool to be used by teachers for easy evaluation and detailed monitoring
of pupil performance. The MG supports all the participants involved in
the learning process: pupil - teacher - classmates, so that it can be
easily incorporated in the classroom. According to the research
conducted, it was proved that teachers who have a positive attitude and
acceptance for digital games, also have a positive view of MG. The
provision of OLM data was also shown to enhance motivation, while
gamification motivators were positively correlated with pupils'
intrinsic motivation.

About the speaker: Angeliki Leonardou is a graduate of the Department of Computer
Engineering & Informatics of the University of Patras and holds a
Master's Degree in Computer Science and Technology. Since April 2017 she
is a Ph.D student in the same Department, and has received a scholarship
from H.F.R.I. Since September 2021 she has been employed in the
Department of Network and Computing Infrastructure of the University of

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