Recent achievement of the Robotic-Club

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The 1st and 2nd place in the Line Following Enhanced of the Robotex competition was held by the Robotic Club of our University with the robots "Dromeas X" and "Dromeas Aero".
Robotex is an international robotics competition with 25 categories, held each year in Tallinn, Estonia, and is the largest robotics competition in Europe.
In the group that worked under the guidance of:

• Ioannis Chebenis - student CEID

• Marios Konstantakos – student MEAD

 Several students from our Department participated:
• Giorgos Siatheris - student CEID

• Yannis Stathakis - student. CEID

• Michalis Terezakis - student CEID

• Konstantinos Tbilis - student CEID

• Dimitra Savvani - student CEID

• Nikos Anatolotakis - student ECE

• Michalis Galanakis - student MEAD

• Christos Grais - student ECE

• Gerasimos Damigos – student- ECE

• Manolis Kornarakis - student MEAD

• Yannis Kyratzis - student ECE

• Xanthi Baboula – student ECE

• Augustine Saravanos - student ECE

• Dimitris Hamzas - student ECE

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