Ship Management Solutions - Full time IT engineer

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Ship Management Solutions S.A. is a professional IT service providing company supporting ICT systems for shipping companies and organizations based in Piraeus, Greece. We mainly provide Technical and Vessel support (even on site vessel attendances for IT issues configurations), Networking solutions, Servers/Computers/Software installation configuration and support, Web servers/Website development and hosting, Backup solutions, ERP Solutions, ICT Consultancy, IP telephony (CISCO partnership), Email hosting and Services (LOTUS platform) and many more.

We are able to reach even our most distant clientele via our two more offices located in Singapore and Manila-Philippines.

Job Description

We are looking to hire a passionate graduate IT engineer willing to learn and evolve his/her skills and knowledge in order to help manage both our company’s and our clients’ computer systems always including the part of the needed vessel attendances.

For all extra needed information about the job offer kindly follow the below link.

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