The 1st and 2nd place in the Line Following Enhanced of the Robotex competition was held by the Robotic Club of our University with the... Read More


Minos Garofalakis (Alumnus.CEID'1992) was named Fellow of ACM.

... Read More

ERCIM News 116
January 2018
Special theme: Transparency in Algorithmic Decision Making
Guest... Read More

Professor Paul Spirakis has been chosen to be a Plenary Speaker in the... Read More

Professor Paul Spirakis was re-elected as President of the European Association for Theoretical... Read More

Professor Kostas Berberidis, faculty member of our department, gave an... Read More

The kick-off meeting of the project INVESTMENT – INnovatiVe E-Services for booSting Tourist economy and Multimodal public Transportation, funded ... Read More

On Thursday 14.12.2017 CEID hosted Professor Sergios Theodoridis who delivered an extremely interesting talk entitled "A Tour to... Read More

On Friday 15/12 CEID hosted Dr. Petros Drineas, Associate Professor at Purdue University and CEID alumnus. Details of the talk are listed below... Read More

The distinguished computer scientist Kurt Mehlhorn, Director of the... Read More

The Workshop on the Art of Data Structures, honoring Professor Athanasios
Tsakalidis upon his retirement, was organized by the Department of... Read More

Professor Christos Kaklamanis has been elected new member of the... Read More

Professor Christos Zaroliagis has been selected as Program Committee Chair of... Read More

With great pleasure we announced an award conferred to members and recent alumni of CEID. In particular,... Read More

The diploma thesis of Miss Eleni Isa, entitled, «On the Detection of Hardware Trojans, in Hardware Security», with supervisor, Assoc. Prof.... Read More

The paper «Efficient Graph-based Matrix Completion on Incomplete Animated Models» by E. Vlachos, A. Lalos, K. Moustakas and K. Berberidis, has... Read More

The paper

«Efficient Graph-based Matrix Completion on Incomplete Animated Models»  by E. Vlachos, A. Lalos, K. Moustakas and K. Berberidis... Read More

The paper "Efficient Algorithms for Power Maximization in the Vector Model for Wireless Energy Transfer”, co-authored by I. Katsidimas, S.... Read More

Professor Kostas Berberidis has been recently elected as a member... Read More

Professor Paul Spirakis has been appointed the new ... Read More

Snapshot from the summer school "The Mathematics of Data" organised by... Read More

Professor Paul Spirakis has been appointed the new... Read More

The InSyBio Startup that has been established by four graduates of the Computer... Read More

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