All members of the Department have access to the Departmental and CTI libraries, that are jointly housed at the second floor of the CEID's main building. The library contains a substantial wealth of published material (journal, proceedings, books, reports, magazines) related to Computer Engineering and Computer Science and offers reading and lending facilities to its users.

Another important resource is the University Library. Students and visitors alike can take advantage of the facilities. Qualified and experienced personnel work closely with the faculty to ensure that the most relevant material is available for the use of students. There is a large collection of books and periodicals, especially strong in science and technology. In addition, there are extensive electronic resources including CD-ROM databases, and access to on-line databases. The efficiant interlibrary lending service ensures that all requests by students and staff can be met quickly. Using electronic links with other libraries in Greece and abroad library material may be found quickly.

Prospective readers may ask for help or advice from the library staff at the Help Desk on how to get the most from the available resources. Brochures are available to guide new users around the collections. The University Library now subscribes to over 1500 periodicals. The Library in its present form is the result of an intensive programme in the last ten years to modernise the library. The University of Patras Library was one of the first libraries in Greece to commputerise its holdings. In addition, it has participated in several E.U. projects funded by the COMETT, STRIDE and TELEMATICS programmes.

Through recent efforts and funding from the above programmes, members of the University of Patras have access to a large number of journals that make their table of contents, abstracts and articles available on-line. For this and additional information regarding the services offered by the University Library, please visit its website

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