Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

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Job Title: Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

Company Description:

Codefunnels is one of the leading marketing technology companies in Central & South East Europe. We are looking for two junior digital marketing specialists to join forces in our headquarters in Patras. It's your chance to be a part of a fast growing digital marketing technology company.

Job Title and location:

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist – Patras Science Park, Patras, Achaia

The role:

It is a dynamic role with a unique blend of creativity and analysis. You're responsible for finding the right people, for the right products and showing them the right message – all while ensuring your activities are as profitable as possible!

Essential requirements

  • Working experience is optional, you'll get a  6-month paid training on digital marketing
  • Fluent (written and spoken) in English
  • Creative, proactive, self-starter, tapped into tech trends
  • Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or any other related field
  • Completed Military Service for Greek citizen male candidates

Will be considered as a plus

  • Basic web development skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)
  • MS Excel skills for analyzing performance and data
  • Experience managing performance marketing campaigns (SEM, Social, Native, Display)
  • Experience around Shopify, eCommerce, Demand side platforms or Direct response sales tactics

More information can be found here: https://www.codefunnels.com/careers/junior-digital-marketing-specialist/

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