Scouting for PhD and post-doc topics at IIT-CNR, Pisa, Italy

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The Ubiqiutous Internet Research Unit @ IIT-CNR, Pisa, Italy, is scouting for
PhD and/or Post-docs on the following topics

#1: Human-centric Artificial Intelligence
#2: Decentralised AI for resource-constrained edge systems
#3: Architectures, Algorithms, and Protocols for the Quantum Internet
#4: Quantum Internet: Interconnection of Quantum and Legacy-Internet Networks
#5: Resource allocation and slicing in MEC systems for latency-sensitive IoT applications
#6: AI-based Decision Support Systems for Smart Healthcare applications 
#7: Cooperative Ubiquitous Opportunistic Charging with Intelligent Battery Aging Mitigation
#8: Cross-layer network design for heterogeneous RF/VLC 6G vehicular networks

** Hosting Universities for PhD topics:
IIT-CNR is part of the newly-established national PhD programme on Artificial
Intelligence (, and has multiple agreements for joint
PhD programmes with the University of Pisa
( and
the University of Florence (

Interested people are requested send an Expression of Interest (EoI) to the
reference person for each topic as described in the following, for possibly
scheduling a specific session of p2p discussion on the topic.

** EoI deadline: continuous, up until the end of July 2021

Details available here


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