Ancient Greek Republics

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Spring Semester
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Course Outline

1. Theseus The founder of the city of Athens

2. City-State & Sparta-Lycurgus Institution of “City-State”: hermeneutic approach and major features. Spartan regime: analytic presentation (political philosophy and institutions), the lawgiver Lycurgus and the Great Rhetra

3. Solon The aesymnētēs / poet / lawgiver Solon and his far-reaching reform.

4. Cleisthenes The key features of Cleisthenes’ reform: the administrative division of population into ten tribes, the dēmoi, Popular Assemby and Heliaia (new powers and responsibilities), Council of 500, etc.

5. Ephialtes and Pericles Ephialtes: character, ideology, his radical reforms (irrevocable loss of power of Areopagus), and his assassination. Pericles: the climax of Athenian Democracy (clerouchies, Theoric fund, remuneration for public functionaries)

6. The Citizen in Athenian Democracy Rights and duties, regarding both political participation and military action.

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