Applied Information Systems I

Course Code: 
Winter Semester
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Course outline

The course examines a number of issues related to the process of developing Information Systems
(IS). Specifically, in the period prior to the design of a new system, where it is required:
1. The bottom-up and reverse study of the organization's activities for the purpose of the new
technologies (IoT, ML, Data analytics , Big date etc. ) restructuring of processes that will aim to
reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and quality.
2. Consideration of issues related to the choice of the appropriate architectural system, ie the
architecture that will utilize private or public cloud infrastructure, will have at its core either the
product, the customer or the service-oriented architecture, while around the core of the system will
be installed a variety of central, regional and satellite systems, such as data quality control
and metadata,communication and data sharing, information security systems n. .
3. Mapping the space internally: production, sales and marketing systems, financial management,
personnel management and integrated logistics. And external mapping, ie business resource and
customer relationship management systems, knowledge management and decision support systems,
by functionality, ie systems that support an organization's relationships with the outside
environment: supervising governmental and other service entities such as insurers .
4. The examination of qualifications and competencies, the selection and assignment of tasks to the
developer of the computer system, the organization of project teams from both the IT and the
organization side as final user, in order to achieve flexibility, active participation, positive and
constructive cooperation climate, etc.

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