Applied Information Systems II

Course Code: 
Spring Semester
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Course outline

The course examines a number of issues relating to the implementation process and the integrated support of a new information system, which should:

1. Creating production environments and, at the same time , developing new applications with particular emphasis on job descriptions and system security, ie granting access rights, emergency plans, disaster recovery plan , and so on.

2. To inform, educate and ensure the active participation of end-users in the development, implementation and continuous upgrading of the products and services provided by the system, with particular emphasis on dealing with complaints, providing appropriate incentives and the role of the highest management in resolving conflict situations.

3. The technical support of system operation (version control), dominated t a quick implementation issues and acceptance of changes (change control & management), imposed by the developments in the organization's environment, and the immediate treatment issues errors that may exist in software ( error control ).

4. Monitoring performance t th IT department, the system operation cost and the technological and business risks is called to face in if an organization with the aim to upgrade the quality of the system and avoid early failures.

5. Rational use of content with modern data analysis methods, use of specialized software packages and examples of applications.

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