Basic Electronics

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Course Outline

Leactures and Tutorials

Students will learn to

  • Understand the basic principles underlying the physics of semiconductor devices in general and of the pn junction in particular. Become familiar with the diode equation and i -v characteristic.
  • Use various circuit models of the semiconductor diode in simple circuits. These are divided into two classes: large-signal models and small-signal models.
  • Study practical full-wave rectifier circuits and learn to analyze and determine the practical specifications of a rectifier by using large-signal diode models..
  • Understand the basic operation of Zener diodes as voltage references, and use simple circuit models to analyze elementary voltage regulators.
  • Use the diode models to analyze the operation of various practical diode circuits in signal processing applications.
  • Understand the basic principles of amplification and switching.
  • Understand the physical operation of bipolar transistors; and determine the operating point of a bipolar transistor circuit.
  • Understand the large-signal model of the bipolar transistor, and apply it to simple amplifier circuits.
  • Select the operating point of a bipolar transistor circuit; understand the principle of small-signal amplifiers.
  • Understand the operation of a bipolar transistor as a switch.
  • Understand the classification of field-effect transistors.
  • Learn the basic operation of enhancement-mode MOSFETs by understanding their i -v curves and defining equations.
  • Learn how enhancement-mode MOSFET circuits are biased.
  • Understand the concept and operation of FET large-signal amplifiers.
  • Understand the concept and operation of FET switches.


Laboratory Exercises

Students will learn to

  • Use the basic (active and passive) elements and sources in closed circuits, and perform electric measurements.
  • Use the digital oscilloscope
  • Select the operating point of a bipolar transistor circuit
  • Use the BJT in  small-signal amplifiers.


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