Computer Networks

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Course outline

Α. Lectures and Tutorials

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • End router and trunk router
  • Packet switching - circuit switching
  • Delay, loss and rate performance on packet switching networks
  • Overview of delays in packet switched networks
  • Delay and packet loss
  • Network performance
  • Protocols and computer network service models
  • Principles of network applications
  • The Internet and the HTTP protocol
  • The file transfer protocol and e-mail protocols
  •  DNS - Internet Directory Service
  • Programming sockets: Creating network applications
  • Transport and Control Layer (TCP) services and protocols
  • Multiplexing and demultiplexing of logical connections
  • Connectionless Data Sharing: UDP protocol
  • Principles of Reliable Package Transport
  • Go-Back-N (GBN) and Selective Repeat (SR)
  • Connection-Oriented Packet Transfer: the TCP protocol
  • Reliable data transfer
  • Flow control
  • Principles of congestion control
  • TCP congestion control
  • The IP network layer
  • Functions and architecture of IP routers
  • Input processing, packet switching and output processing into IP routers.
  • The IP control layer
  • The IP protocol: Forwarding and addressing functions on the internet
  • IP header format and fields
  • Addressing in IPv4
  • The ICMP control protocol
  • Introduction and basic of IPv6 header
  • Principles of routing algorithms
  • Link-State and Distance vector algorithms
  • Hierarchical routing and protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP) routing on the Internet
  • Broadcast and Multicast in IP networks - spanning tree design.
  • The Data link level
  • Logical data-level services and sub-levels architecture
  • Parity Checks, Checksumming, Cyclic Redundancy Check
  • Multiple access protocols and multiplexing techniques.
  • Local Data Switching Networks
  • Data-level addressing and ARP protocol
  • Data switches and local area network interconnection
  • The Ethernet protocol
  • Virtual Local Area Networks
  • MPLS protocol description
  • Data center architecture.
  • Wireless local area networks and their architecture
  • The protocol and architecture of 802.11
  • Transmission management and discovery of nodes


B. Lab projects

1) Wireshark exercises for HTTP, DNS, 802.11, DHCP, Ethernet-ARP, IP, TCP, UDP (total: 8 exercises)

2) Set of projects for web programming. Implementing ICMP ping, SMTP client, traceroute, UDP, webserver. (total: 5 exercises)

3) CISCO Packet Tracer exercises set. Random topology implementation (total: 2 implementations)

4) Set of exercises with GNS3. Topology implementation and network performance study (total: 1 implementation)

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