Core Elective

Winter Semester
Instructors Partners
Algorithms for Communication Systems Caragiannis Ioannis, Kaklamanis Christos
Decision Theory Likothanassis Spiridon
Human Computer Interaction and Design Ν. Avouris, K. Moustakas
Natural Language Processing Hatzilygeroudis Ioannis
Information Transmission Systems Vlachos Kyriakos
Distributed Systems I Panagopoulou Panagiota, Spirakis Paul, Zaroliagis Christos
Special Purpose Systems Design Vergos Haridimos
Practice Alexiou George
Public Networks and Internetworking Bouras Christos
Business Administration Pavlidis George, Giannoukou Ioanna
Introduction to Economics for Engineers and Scientists
Multidimension Data Structures and Computational Geometry Sioutas Spyros
Applied Information Systems I Pavlidis George, Νανόπουλος Φώτιος
Special Topics in Computational Logic Cosmadakis Stavros
Computer Systems Performance Analysis Garofalakis John
Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture Nikolos Dimitris, Keramidas George
Software Quality Assurance and Standards Xenos Michalis
Optical Communication Networks Vlachos Kyriakos
Algorithms and Combinational Optimization Spirakis Paul, Zaroliagis Christos
Advanced Information Systems Xenos Michalis, Pavlidis George
Knowledge Representation on the Web Hatzilygeroudis Ioannis
Software & Programming of High Perfomance Systems Gallopoulos Efstratios
Introduction to VLSI Alexiou George
Information Retrieval Makris Christos
Probabilistic Techniques Nikoletseas Sotirios
Modern Physics Andrikopoulos Athanasios, Stefanopoulos Vangelis
Economic Theory and Algorithms Caragiannis Ioannis, Spirakis Paul
Advanced Topics on Telecommunications Berberidis Kostas
Computer and Network Security Δ. Σερπάνος

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