Data Structures

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Searching and sorting in main memoy, Bubblesort, Heapsort and analysis of its complexity, Quicksort and analysis of its complexity, sorting in secondary memory, structured data types, array, record, file, heaps and queues, priority queues, lists, trees. Linear Median algorithm. Dictionary problem, Implicit data structures, Binary search, Interpolation-sorting, , Binary Interpolation-search, Interpolation-ψάξιμο for unknown non uniform distributions. Dynamic implicit data structures, explicit data structures. balanced trees, AVL-tree, Red-Black Tree or BBtree, BB[α] tree, Hybrid data structures , Tries, dynamic Interpolation search, interpolation search tree (IST), interpolation search tree searching. Union-find, Hashing, Hashing with chaining, time and space complexities, Οpen addressing, Extendible Hashing

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