Descriptive Analysis of Modern Greek

Course Code: 
Winter Semester
Γ. Ξυδόπουλος
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Course Outline

In this course we examine basic phenomena in the grammar of M. Greek in order for students to develop their metalinguistic knowledge as to how language is described in modern linguistics terms. Students can also gain a linguistics background which they can then apply in grammar teaching. In addition, we critically discuss language myths regarding M. Greek (usage errors etc.). Topics in M. Greek: - Language myths: relation with Ancient Greek, how is language change perceived by native speakers, usage errors. - The verb system: morphology (tense, aspect, mood, voice), syntax (arguments, predicate, the functions of subject and complements) . - The nominal system: inflection (case, number), gender and types of nouns, modifiers, pronouns, quantifiers. - Adjectives, adverbs and other lexical categories. - Sentences: main and embedded clauses. - Word order: morphology, syntax, information structure. - Language variety, written and oral speech.

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