Elective Courses

Winter Semester
Core Elective
Instructors Partners
Public Networks and Internetworking Bouras Christos
Digital Signal Processing Applications Psarakis Emmanouil
Multidimension Data Structures and Computational Geometry Megaloikonomou Basileios
Computer Systems Performance Analysis Garofalakis John
Applied Information Systems I Pavlidis George
Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture Nikolos Dimitrios
Wireleless and Mobile Communications Berberidis Kostas
Software Quality Assurance and Standards Xenos Michalis
Special Topics in Computational Logic Cosmadakis Stavros
Algorithms and Combinational Optimization Spirakis Paul, Zaroliagis Christos
Topics on Computer Vision and Graphics Psarakis Emmanouil, Tsakalidis Athanasios
Modern Physics Andrikopoulos Athanasios, Stefanopoulos Vangelis
Advanced Information Systems Pavlidis George, Xenos Michalis
Computer and Network Securiry Δ. Σερπάνος
Software & Programming of High Perfomance Systems Gallopoulos Efstratios
Optical Communication Networks Vlachos Kyriakos
Introduction to Robotics Α. Τζες
Information Retrieval Makris Christos
Advanced Microprocessors Σ. Κουμπιάς, Μ. Μπίρμπας
Probabilistic Techniques Nikoletseas Sotirios
Introduction to VLSI Alexiou George
Knowledge Representation on the Web Hatzilygeroudis Ioannis
Information Transmission Systems Vlachos Kyriakos
Economic Theory and Algorithms Caragiannis Ioannis, Spirakis Paul
Algorithms for Communication Systems Kaklamanis Christos
Decision Theory Likothanasis Spyros
Natural Language Processing Hatzilygeroudis Ioannis
Distributed Systems I Zaroliagis Christos, Spirakis Paul
Special Purpose Systems Design Vergos Charidimos
General Elective 1
Instructors Partners
Introduction to History and Theory of Cinema Χ. Σωτηροπούλου
Descriptive Analysis of Modern Greek Γ. Ξυδόπουλος
Business Administration Pavlidis George
Aesthetics Α. Καλέρη
Modern Ethic Philosophy Μ. Παρούσης
History of Art Π. Αραπάκη
Philosophy of the Mind Κ. Παγωνδιώτης
Introduction to Byzantine Literature Ε. Κιαπίδου
Introduction to Modern Greek Literature Α. Κατσιγιάννη
Introduction to Ancient Theater Σ. Τσιτσιρίδης
Ancient Greek History Α. Σύρκου
History of European Literature: 19th - 20th Century Γ. Γκότση
K.P Kavafis Α. Κωστίου
Spring Semester
Core Elective
Instructors Partners
Broadband Technologies Bouras Christos
Telematics and New Services Bouras Christos
Intelligent Systems Engineering & Robotics Hatzilygeroudis Ioannis
Algorithmic Foundations of Sensor Networks Nikoletseas Sotirios
Robotics Ν. Ασπράγκαθος
Applied Information Systems II Pavlidis George
Computational Intelligence Likothanasis Spyros
Human Computer Interaction and Design Ν. Αβούρης, Κ. Μουστάκας
Introduction to Bioinformatics Makris Christos , Likothanasis Spyros
Parallel Algorithms Kaklamanis Christos, Zaroliagis Christos
Special Topics in Digital Systems Design Nikolos Dimitrios
Cryptography Kaklamanis Christos
Databases II Megaloikonomou Basileios
Embedded Systems Sklavos Nicolas
Digital Systems Design using E-CAD tools/Computer-Aided Design Vergos Charidimos
Computational Methods in Economics Pavlidis George
Digital Signal and Image Processing Berberidis Kostas
E-business Garofalakis John
Advanced Topics on Telecommunications Berberidis Kostas
VLSI Systems Design Sklavos Nicolas
Data Mining and Machine Learning Makris Christos , Megaloikonomou Basileios
Mathematical Logic and Applications Cosmadakis Stavros
Semantics and Program Correctness Nikoletseas Sotirios
Algorithm Engineering Zaroliagis Christos
General Elective 1
Instructors Partners
Modern Practise Philosophy Μ. Παρούσης
Analytic Philosophy ||| Κ. Παγωνδιώτης
Epistemology - Metaphysics I
Hellenistic and Roman History Α. Σύρκου
Ancient Greek Republics Α. Παπαχρυσοστόμου
Ancient Greek Folk Tradition Α. Ποταμίτη
Sociolinguistics Α. Αρχάκης
Social and Legal Aspects of Technology Pavlidis George, Tsakalidis Athanasios
Analytic Philosophy ||
English II

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