Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation

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Course Outline

Leactures and Tutorials

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Measurements
    • The standards of electrical quantities referred to the physical phenomena and laws.
  • Uncertainty of Measurements
    • Errors, uncertainty, and reliability of signal processing.
    • Basic statistical terms and concepts.
    • Methods of evaluation and correction of the uncertainty related to limited accuracy of measuring devices.
    • The estimation of uncertainty in measurements.
  • Recording and Displaying Measuring Instruments
    • Fundamentals of oscilloscopes.
    • Digital oscilloscopes.
    • Digital multimeters.

Laboratory Exercises

  • Lab 1
    • The RC circuit.
  • Lab 2
    • Phase shift measurements
  • Lab 3
    •  Lissajous curves
  • Lab 4
    • Measurement of i-v characteristic of linear resistor
  • Lab 5
    • Measurement of i-v characteristic of a diode

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