Optical Communication Networks

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Winter Semester
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Course outline

Α. Lectures and Tutorials

 Introduction to optical networks

 Wavelength multiplexing networks

  • Optical Line terminals,
  • Optical add/drop multiplexers
  • Architectural design and operation of OADMs
  • Optical switches (OXC).

 Client layer technology

  • The SONET / SDH, ATM, Optical Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Optical Ethernet protocol

 IP over WDM

  • Layering in in IPoverWDM,
  • Multi-protocol label switching and GMPLS,
  • Protection in IP over WDM networks

 Lightpath Setup and Routing

  • Signaling protocols for the installation of optical paths
  • Routing and assignment of wavelength algorithms (RWA).
  • Dynamic RWA algorithms and Re-routing algorithms

 Traffic aggregation

  • Static and dynamic traffic aggregation

 Signaling in optical networks

  • The LDP protocol
  • Signaling in GMPLS networks
  • The RSVE-TE and OSPF-TE protocols

 Introduction in Passive Optical networks

  • PON Network Architectures
  • WDM-PON, TDM-PON networks
  • PON network standardization and spectrum management
  • GPON, NGN-PON, 10GPON networks

 Metropolitan Optical Networks

 Elastic optical networks

 Optical Burst Bursting

  • Optical burst assembly algorithms,
  • signaling and collision management protocols

B. Lab projects

  • Optical Network simulation and performance exercises using OMNeT ++ (Total: 3 tasks).
  • One (1) personal simulation work for each student.

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