Hardware Security

Course Code: 
Spring Semester
Credit Points: 

Course outline

  • Theoretical Background and Basic Principles: Security and Trust on Hardware Devices, Current and Future Applications, New Challenges,
  • Basic Terms: Cryptography and Security,
  • Digital Systems Design, Principles and Methodologies,
  • Hardware Performance,
  • Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs),
  • Random and Pseudo-Random Number Generators,
  • Watermarking and Hardware IPs,
  • Attacks: Fault Injections,
  • Physical, Tamper Resistance,
  • Side Channels Attacks: Models and Countermeasures,
  • Security of Embedded Systems,
  • Crypto-Processors,
  • FPGAs Secure Designs,
  • RFID Tags Security,
  • Trojans Horses: Circuits and Systems,
  • Secure JTAG.

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