Information Transmission Systems

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Winter Semester
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Course outline

Α. Lectures and Tutorials

 An introduction to Radio Physics

 A brief review of the electromagnetic wave

 Introduction in Optical fibers

 Types of optical fibers

 Propagation phenomena in optical fibers

 Dispersion in single and multi mode optical fibers

 Fiber losses

 Passive optical modules and their uses in fiber optic systems

 Optical Filters and Power Couplings

 Basic of optical transmitters

 Laser and LED characteristics

 Basic of optical receivers

 Common photodetectors

 Receiver design and receiver noise

 Receiver sensitivity – BER

 Lightwave systems

 System architecture and power budgeting

 Design guidelines

 Sources of power penalty

 Basic concepts of Optical Amplifiers

 Gain spectrum of EDFA

 Amplifier Noise and gain characteristics

 Isotropic sources

 EM wave propagation phenomena

 Cables and waveguides

 Antennas & radiation patterns

 Radiation field, directionality and antenna gain

 Types of Antennas

 The Hertzian dipole

 The half-wave dipole

 Standing waves and velocity of propagation

 Effective antenna length

 The Yagi antenna and the Parabolic dish

 Transmission lines and impedance matching

 Types of transmission lines

 Transmission line characteristic impedance

 Transmission line responses

 Standing wave ratio

 Impedance matching in antenna systems


B. Lab projects

 Optical links simulation exercises using VPIPhotonics or Optisystems (Total: 3 tasks).

       One (1) personal simulation work for each student.

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