Intelligent Systems Engineering & Robotics

Course Code: 
Spring Semester
Credit Points: 

Course outline

First part

  • Functional Programming - LISP Language
  • Symbolic expressions, Basic functions, Definition of functions-program
  • Assign-Let, Flow Control-if, cond, dolist, do, dotimes, Flash, Structures, Input-Output
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in LISP
  • Development of LIPS implementation

Second part

  • Rule Based Programming
  • Intelligent Rules-Based Systems
  • Development of Intelligent Systems
  • Methodologies, Tools
  • CLIPS Tool: Structure, Event and Rule Drawing, Functions, Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Application development in CLIPS

Third part

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Robotic Intelligent Agents
  • ROS Operating System
  • The SLAM problem
  • Resolving labyrinths

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