Web Programming & Systems

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Course Outline

The course is divided in two main parts, Web Programming and Web Systems.
Web Programming
1. Introduction to the World Wide Web.
2. HTML4, HTML5 and CSS.
3. JavaScript, Bootstrap, introduction to AngularJS.
4. Introduction to server-side technologies, the PHP web programming language.
5. Connecting a web application with a database management system (PHP and MySQL)
6. Store and exchange data on the web, introduction to XML. Formatting of XML, introduction to XSL.
7. Client – Server asynchronous communication. Introduction to AJAX, JSON, jQuery and Node.JS.
8. Introduction to mobile web. Design principles for mobile web applications.
9. Introduction to online social networks and communication with third party web systems (web services and web APIs).
Web Systems
1. Introduction to web caching and web replication.
2. Internet protocols. URL, DNS and HTTP (simple, persistent & pipelining).
3. HTTP support for web caching and replication. Security and cryptography during data transmission over the WWW (SSL/TLS, HTTPS).
4. Performance evaluation of web caching, TCP connection splitting, TCP connection caching.
5. Algorithms and cache consistency management techniques, validation protocols (leases, subscriptions, subscribed leases), validation protocols (chaining, TTL adaptation, piggyback cache validation)
6. Content replication systems (static/transparent, full/partial mirroring and combinations, request distribution techniques with or without content awareness)

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