Course Code: 
Spring Semester
Spyros Sioutas Κostas Tsichlas
Credit Points: 

The Internship is an Elective Course of the 10th semester of the undergraduate program of the Department. The Internship ( 

  • Is announced within the second fortnight of November each year and 
  • the selection is completed within the second fortnight of January of the following year 
  • it has a duration of three (3) consecutive months, with a mandatory start on the first of the month from March to June of each academic year. 

The Internship concerns diploma students of the 10th semester and above. The positions (the number of which is determined per year) are financed by national and european resources (NSRF) and are registered in ATLAS ( the central support system of the students’ Internship.

In addition to the above positions, Internship positions outside the "ATLAS" system are also approved:

  • through the  KIDALION's program, with funding from the institution/company through the Internship Office of the University of Patras 
  • and domestic or foreign institutions, that students find on their own initiative or through the “ERASMUS”, “AIESEC” programs etc.

The selection of the applicants is based on:

  • the student's average score,
  • the number of courses studied successfully by the student up to the end of the nineth semester, and
  • the year of study. 

All applicants are ranked and selected as many as the offered positions, while the remaining are ranked as runners-up.

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