Multidimension Data Structures

Course Code: 
Winter Semester
Credit Points: 

Course outline

Week #1:

Interval Tree and applications

Week #2:

Priority Search Tree and applications

Week #3:

Segment Tree and applications

Week #4:

Range-tree and Fractional Cascading

Week #5:

R-tree, Quad-Tree and kd-tree

Week #6:

Sweep line technique, Overlapping Polygons Area Computation, Hidden line elimination problem

Week #7:

Raster Display Stores for lines and points, the basic incremental algorithm, the algorithm of Bresenham for lines, the algorithm of Bresenham for circles, 2-dimensional transformations, window and cutting algorithms, segment-clipping algorithms, cutting polygons, view transformations

Week #8:

Line Segment Intersection, Polygon Triangulation

Week #9:.

Linear Programming in Geometry

Week #10:.

Orthogonal Range Searching and Point Location Algorithms

Week #11:

Voronoi Diagrams and Delaunay Triangulation

Week #12:

Geometrical Data Structures and Convex Hull Computation

Week #13:

Binary space partitions and Visibility graphs

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