Myth and Ritual in Ancient Greece

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Winter Semester
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Course Outline

1. What is myth?

2. The Myth and Ritual School of Cambridge

3. The Functionalist Theory

4. Rituals of blood and fire (Burkert)

5. Violence and the sacred (Girard)

6.The Myth of Oedipus - Sophocles' OT

7. Freudian approach to myths and literature – the Oedipus complex

8. Symbiotic phase and separation anxiety in narratives

9. Filial reactions to maternal threat in myth (Slater)

10. Structuralism and myth – re-visiting Oedipus

11. The French School of Interpretation of Myth – Hesiod's myth of the Five Races

12. Dionysus– Anthesteria

13. Athenian Festivals

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