Object Oriented Programming

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming. Concepts of object, properties, class, instance. Class Hierarchy. Inheritance. Polymorphism.
  • Introduction to Java. Definition of classes, instances. Methods and variables. Java and C
  • Basic Java library
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism in Java
  • Handling exceptions in Java.
  • Input-Output in Java-File Handling
  • Threads - Concurrent programming
  • Graphical User Interfaces. Handling of Events in Java
  • Java applets
  • Introduction to C ++. Basic elements of C ++
  • Data abstraction-Classes
  • Class Hierarchies and Inheritance. Derived classes. Polymorphism
  • S. Handling exceptions
  • C ++ library
  • Designing Object Oriented Programs. Objectives and design process. Design of class hierarchies and interfaces.

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