Software Quality Assurance and Standards

Course Code: 
Winter Semester
Credit Points: 

Course outline

  1. Definition of Quality, differences of software quality and products quality, total quality management.
  2. Statistical quality control, quality standards, CMM and CMMI, ISO standards, IEEE and ACM standards.
  3. Software process quality, FCM model, ISO9126 standard, quality in all software engineering phases (from requirements to testing).
  4. Quality on requirements analysis, formal specifications, Petri Nets.
  5. Quality on software design, usability, ISO9241 standard, LUCID methodology, usability evaluation.
  6. Analytical methods, the KLM model, Fitts law, heuristic evaluation.
  7. Experimental methods, thinking aloud protocol.
  8. inquiry methods, questionnaires, focus groups, standard usability scale.
  9. Quality on software development, software metrics and measurements.
  10. Size structure and data metrics, LOC and Halstead metrics.
  11. Complexity metrics, McCabe metric.
  12. Quality on testing, basic path testing, cause and effect diagram.
  13. Quality on maintenance, cost of quality.

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