Software Engineering

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Course Outline

  1. From coding to software engineering, software engineering ethics, legacy systems.
  2. Software engineering models, Waterfall, Spiral, V&V, iterative models, CASE tools.
  3. Software projects management, PERT and Gantt chats, managing time, staff allocation.
  4. Risk analysis and risk management, cost estimation and management, estimation models.
  5. Requirements analysis, OOAD, UML, Use Cases, Domain model and Class Diagrams.
  6. Software design, the ICONIX methodology, robustness diagrams, sequence diagrams.
  7. Development and programming, principles of OOAD, from dynamic models to static model and code.
  8. Programming in teams, code repositories, Gits and version control, code reviews and code inspections.
  9. Iterative development, rapid prototyping, visual programming, RUP.
  10. Agile methods, extreme programing, programming in pairs, timebox, SCRUM, Kanban.
  11. Verification and Validation, units and system testing, white box testing, equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis.
  12. Interface testing, black box testing, basic path testing, condition coverage, stress testing.
  13. Debugging, brute force techniques, backtracking, cause elimination, regression testing.

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