Technical Writing and Communication for Computer Engineering and Informatics

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Course Outline

1. Presentation of the syllabus and the course outline, scientific organizations.
2. Simple documents, e-politeness, curriculum vitae, statement of purpose.
3. Literature review and references, tools for references management.
4. Plagiarism and self-plagiarism, tools.
5. Technical writing for scientific and business proposals.
6. Science documents, science metrics, papers, the review process.
7. Writing documents using TeX and LaTeX.
8. Editing with LaTeX, tools, equations, tables, pictures.
9. Creating various technical documents using LaTeX.
10. Presentations, tools (power point, beamer, prezi), slides, elements of a successful presentation.
11. Online presentations, job interviews.
12. Writing a thesis, creating a poster.
13. Presenting a thesis at the university, to technical audience, to a general audience.

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