Introduction to Computers & Programming

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Course Outline

Basic concepts of computer science. Information processing. Algorithm, Computer commands. Computer program. Computer systems structure. Organization and Operation of PCs. Ways of Representing Information. Basic Operations in Numeric Data. Types of addressing modes. Memory system. Peripheral devices. Introduction to assembly. Computer networks. Introduction to programming concepts (problem algorithm program). Program execution procedure. Language programming definition. C a programming language. C program structure.  Alphabet, vocabulary, constants, variables. Basic data types. Basic input-output commands. Οperators and expression categories. Program flow control and structure of selection and repeat. Table and pointer type. Subprograms and functions in C. Advanced topics in functions (range, variable passing). Structures in C and file access. Introduction to python. basic programming concepts of Python. The course also contains a set of exercises in the programming language C and Python.

These exercises are carried out by students in order to consolidate what has been taught in theory.

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