Topics in Computer Architecture

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Course Outline

Α. Lectures and Tutorials

 Introduction: Hardware, software, Computer architecture, Computer structure and organization, input and output units, Computer performance.

 Information representation:

  • Data
    •  constant point arithmetic
    •  floating point arithmetic
    • alphanumeric
    • image
    • sound
  • instructions
    • machine instruction types
    • addressing modes
    • operands size and type
    • machine instructions encoding
    • machine instructions based computer classification

 Central processing unit:

  • data path
    • ALU
    • register file
    • shifter
    • divider
    • multipier
  • floating point unit
  • control unit (structure and implementation)

 Memory system:

  • memory technology
    • semiconductor
    • magnetic
    • optical memories
  • memories hierarchy
  • main memory implementation.

 Interconnection and input-output system:

  • bus
  • bus types
  • synchronous and asynchronous busses
  • bus arbitration

 input-output process

  • polling
  • interrupts
  • direct memory access

Β. Laboratory

 ARM programming model

 Instruction set of ARM

 Programming at assembly language level

Program debugging

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