VLSI Systems Design

Course Code: 
Spring Semester
Credit Points: 

Course outline

 Introduction, basic terms

 VLSI digital circuits,

 Embedded systems,

 Actual circuits,


 Design methodologies,

  • Design flow,
  • Design Optimization,
  • Design and test,
  • Testing,

 Hardware description languages: VHDL,


 Co-operation of circuits and VLSI components,

 Functions, arithmetic units,

 VLSI sequential circuits,


 Data paths, channels, data transmission,



 Memory elements,

 Input/output devices,

 Detecting and correcting errors,

 Integrated circuits,

 Implementation technologies,


 Programmable devices,

  • FPGAs,
  • Packaging and circuit boards,

 Advanced topics,

 Modern and future applications,

 Special purpose, VLSI systems.

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