Spyros Kontogiannis

    Associate Professor
    Computer Engineering & Informatics Department
    University of Patras

Short Bio

Spyros Kontogiannis is faculty member of the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department (CEID) at the University of Patras (Greece). He is member of the Division of Applications and Foundations of Computer Science and of the Intellligent Computing and Engineering Laboratory (ICELAB) at CEID. He also collaborates with the Algorithms and Complexity Group at the Computer Technology Institute & Press "Diophantus".

In the past S. Kontogiannis has been faculty member of the Computer Science & Engineering Department, at the University of Ioannina (Greece). He also was postdoc fellow (2 years) and research associate (1 year) at the Max Planck Institut fuer Informatik. Read more...

Research Activities


The research focus of S. Kontogiannis is on the Foundations of Computer Science. He is interested in the design and analysis of algorithms for fundamental problems in networks, parallel and distributed systems, combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, online algorithms, and their applications to real-life problems emerging in practice.

He is working on problems related to: the design, maintenance, and management of communication and transportation networks exploiting local / limited knowledge; the robustness of computations in parallel and distributed computing systems; the consequences of antagonistic (selfish) behavior in large scale computing and communication networks.


Areas of Interest

Theoretical computer science, algorithmic game theory, parallel and distributed computing, design and analysis of algorithms, combinatorial optimization.


PC -- OC Memberships

ALGOCLOUD 2022 (pc chair) | CSUM 2022 | ATMOS 2019 | ATMOS 2018 | ATMOS 2017 | ESA-B 2016 | ALGO2015 | PLS2011 | ATMOS2011 | HPCC2010 | SAGT2010 | SIROCCO2009 | HPCC2009 | WINE2008 | IPDPS2008 | WINE2006


Teaching (2022-23)

Fall 2022  
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Spring 2023  
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