Postgraduate & Phd

Real knowledge of technology can create substantial progress and development. Our school has proceeded with the upgrade of the Postgraduate – Doctoral Studies in combination with the execution of important research projects in their context.

Postgraduate Programs for Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization

The Ministry of Education, together with the cooperating Departments, awards: a) Master’s Degrees (MDE) in three Interdepartmental Master’s Programs (MDPMS).b) Doctoral Diploma in Computer Engineering and Informatics. Postgraduate studies at the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics (TMIYP) of the University of Patras are governed by the provisions of the Internal Operating Regulations of the University of Patras.

Interdisciplinary Msc programs

 «IHSS» mainly concerns embedded systems, such as electronic systems based on sPs, DSPs, ASICs, ASIPs, chip systems, reset FPGA architectures, multiprocessor SoC as well as their telecommunications and industry software with a variety of modern applications.


DPMS-SMIN is addressed to University graduates with relevant scientific background and to working engineers seeking specialization in the theory, implementation, and applications of signal processing / information systems and machine learning / intelligence.


The multidisciplinary M.Sc. program “Data Driven Computing and Decision Making” (DDCDM for short) is a three-semester (90 ECTS) postgraduate program offered jointly by the Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics (CEID) of the School of Engineering and the Department of Mathematics of the School of Natural Sciences of the University of Patras. The program is administered by CEID.


TMHYP participates in the following Postgraduate Programs for Postgraduate Specialization Diploma (MSc - MDE)

The Biomedical Engineering program at the University of Patras prepares students in engineering in problems of biology, medicine and understanding of living systems and behavior to develop biomedical systems and devices to promote health.


The Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies (DEPTS) in Life Sciences Informatics was established and operates at the University of Patras since 2003. as well as in the field of applications.


The purpose of IPS is to provide specialized theoretical knowledge, but also to produce new applied knowledge, in matters relating to the study, design and development of interactive technologies, as well as the study of phenomena related to the interaction of users with modern technologies.

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