Division of Applications and Foundations of Computer Science

The field is engaged in research and teaching from one side with fundamental principles, properties, and techniques of Computer Science, and from the other side with applications in the most evolving areas of Computer Engineering. More specifically and indicatively, the Department studies the basic mathematical properties of hardware and software, what can and cannot be computed, how fast and with how much memory, principles and techniques governing the design and analysis of algorithms in various computational models, the efficient development of applications in directions such as Telematics and New Services, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Multimedia Networks, High-Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Expert Systems. The Department includes the laboratories of Combinatorial Algorithms, Distributed Systems and Telematics, and Pattern Recognition.

Director: Christos Zaroliagis

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Division of Software

The major challenges in the science and technology of computers, such as the effective utilization of networks and support for the World Wide Web, the evaluation and support of large information systems, information retrieval from large databases, the development of intelligent techniques and systems, human-computer interaction, the exploitation of new parallel architectures, and the efficient solution of complex computational problems that arise at the forefront of Technology and Science, depend primarily on research and development in the cognitive area of Logic. The aim of the Department is to transmit and promote knowledge through high-quality teaching and research and to provide laboratory support on issues related to the field of Logic. The work of the Department is closely connected with that of the other departments of the department as well as with all areas of science and technology that require new computational technologies.

Director: Michalis Xenos

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Division of Hardware and Computer Architecture

The rapid advancement of hardware technology and computer architecture has led to the development of a wide range of systems, from personal computers to supercomputers, specialized signal and image processing systems, telecommunication systems, and computer networks. Our department serves these areas both in education and research. Its goal is to prepare engineers capable of working efficiently both in Greece and in any other country. Additionally, our department provides all the necessary tools for today’s graduates to not only follow but also participate in future developments in the aforementioned scientific areas. With high-quality teaching, course and laboratory organization, and modern laboratory equipment, we aim to maximize the effectiveness of the educational process, allowing our students to have time to engage in their overall personal development. This will result in individuals with integrated personalities, integrity, ecological awareness, and humanitarian ideals.

Director: Nicolas Sklavos

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