Curriculum Organization

About 2/3 of the PPS (according to the ECTS measurement system [EG1], detailed on p.39) is dedicated to core courses that concern the whole range of the subject of Computer Engineering and Informatics.

The remaining 1/3 of the PPS consists of compulsory elective courses as well as the compulsory elaboration of a diploma thesis, in order to further deepen and acquire a high level of knowledge and skills in the field covered by the specialty of Computer Engineering and Informatics.

The Diploma Thesis (D.E.), which is prepared individually by the students of the Department during the last semester of their studies, has great importance and its successful completion is a substantial and formal condition for obtaining the diploma of Computer Engineer and Informatics. Through D.E. students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in Computer Science and Technology and to prepare a comprehensive study on the topic they have undertaken (which includes implementation or original design). The D.E. is examined and graded in a way that is described in the Study Guide, while in the examination and grading committee participates the supervising professor of D.E. and another examining professor.

More specifically, the PPS of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics requires students to successfully attend 53 core and elective courses, corresponding to a total load of 270 Credits (ECTS) as well as the elaboration of Diploma Thesis with a load of 30 ECTS Credits. That is, the total burden in the 5 years of study corresponds to 300 ECTS.

The structure of the current Curriculum is analyzed as follows:

A) Courses:

  • Thirty eight (38) compulsory courses with 199 Credits,
  • Thirteen (13) elective courses with 65 Credits, one of which can be replaced by an Internship in a private or public sector organization.
  • Two (2) General Education elective courses with 6 Credits.


B) Diploma Thesis:

Diploma thesis during the last semester, with a load equivalent to that of one (1) academic semester (30 Credits).

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